Best Pillows For Shoulder Pain – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Pillows For Shoulder Pain

” One size does not fit all.”

Buying a pillow is quite hard. It’s not uncommon to see customers going home with a randomly selected bedding accessory since let’s be real; the entire buying process can be quite intimidating.

Resting is quite peaceful, until and unless you are suffering from a pounding shoulder ache. No one wants to wake every morning feeling worse than the night before. This scenario is a harsh reality for those who bought themselves a random pillow. However, you do not need to fret since many manufacturers have recently come out with pillows specially designed for shoulder pains. Their ergonomic design with just the right amount of support can work wonders on your body.

As we mentioned earlier, buying pillows is a bit complicated; however, our guide for buying the best pillows for shoulder pain is a big live saver. It includes mattresses by the most popular manufacturers in the bedding industry. Moreover, we have categorized them according to customers’ positive feedback, research, and analysis along with our own experience too. On the other hand, our buying guide includes the factors that need consideration while choosing it for your individual needs and preferences.

Top 3 Pillows For Shoulder Pain


Pillow Reviews

1. Nest Bedding – The Easy Breather Pillow

Nest Bedding - The Easy Breather Pillow

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See the Nest Bedding Pillow in a glance:
  • Zippered cover made of Tencel blended fabric.
  • Adjustable; supports every sleeping position
  • CertiPUR shredded memory foam fill.
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King Sizes.
  • No latex and no animal product
  • 30-nights trial period


Finding a new pillow is a tough job, and we sympathize with you. Even though the final result is satisfying, getting through the buying process is tough. Moreover, if the purchasing process fails, it’s highly likely that you will end up with a constant source of body aches. The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow, however, strives to offer 100% customer satisfaction by using premium quality materials and design.


The Best breather pillow consists of a pure memory foam fill. Their other alternative pillow comprises a latex fill. However, it is expensive and not as comfortable. Why do we say this? The foam used for this particular pillow eliminates extreme heat absorption whilst delivering a cooling effect, similar to latex. The enhanced molding and conforming ability allows the foam to contour your body curves for luxurious comfort while supporting your upper body. The slow response time gently relieves your pressure point, alleviating your shoulder ache. The impressive feel results from the ability to customize it by adjusting the amount of foam (we will talk about it later).


After the composition, the cover is the second thing that matters the most. A poor quality cover is susceptible to wear and tear along with poor airflow. Nest offers a Tencel cover, a plant-based soft fabric known for its delicacy. It sports a clean, minimalistic look with a simple ribbon running along its perimeter to add a nice finishing touch. Another feature that most of us love is the durable zipper. Zippers get fastened together and leave us with no solution to unfasten them. However, Nest offers us the very best components. Moreover, Tencel dissipates the heat from the surface of the pillow so you can sleep on a cool surface.

Other features

We all want a pillow that provides multiple firmness levels: we can adjust it according to our preferences for each night. The zipper at the end of this pillow allows us to remove it and adjust the filling accordingly. A perfect loft is a key to a peaceful night’s sleep.

As we mentioned earlier, the materials of the pillow mattress a lot. However, we are not talking about the composition, but rather it’s safety. Not sure? Many materials, especially foams, contain toxic substances such as chemical flame retardants, PBDEs, etc. Nest Easy Breather assures it’s customers that the foam is free of all sorts of harmful substances, making it a great option for people suffering from respiratory issues and allergies.

What we like:

  • It can be adjusted according to your preferences
  • Offers amazing body support and contouring
  • Dissipates the heat for a cool surface

What we don’t:

  • It is expensive
  • Can not be washed

Editor’s Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars

2. Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

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See the Coop Home Goods Pillow in a glance:
  • Hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant to wake up refreshed.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Certipur-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure safety and quality
  • comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is formulated with a medium-firm mix of memory foam and microfiber.
  • Offers the right balance between support and comfort
  • Unique adjustable design allows you to access the memory foam fill
  • Lulltra fabric case i.e., a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester that provides breathability and softness.


Everyone loves to sleep comfortably, but many of those do not understand the importance of a proper pillow. We have heard a lot of hype surrounding the Coop Home Goods pillow. It’s an affordable option for people looking for customized products while the rumors of it’s exemplary airflow have got us super excited. Coop Home Goods is a renowned firm in the bedding industry and prides over its shredded memory foam.


The viscose rayon, removable cover, is a breathable fabric that keeps the surface cool, along with a proprietary blend of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. An Interlocked fabric inner case surrounds the foam filling, preventing any escape of the foam shreds.


Coop Home goods signature filling comprises of Visco elastic memory foam, shredded into tiny bits and pieces. If you are fascinated by historical facts, let us tell you that the Visco was specially created to offer a soft and comfortable landing to the NASA astronauts. As a result, it contours your upper body pretty well without the deep sink that foams are known for. The greatest benefit of this particular filling is that it is adjustable; you can take out or fill the cover with additional foam, according to your liking.

Support and Texture

Since it comprises of memory foam, conforming to the shape of your head is its second nature. It stays firm and doesn’t sink, maintaining a proper neck and spine alignment. This allows the shoulders to rest at a neutral position for minimal stress on it’s pressure points. Moreover, you can adjust the loft of the pillow to suit your sleeping positions by fluffing it.

At times, you may feel that the pillow is losing its shape due to the constant fluffing and adjustments, but a 10-minute dryer session restores it to its initial form. The users are offered a traditional memory foam texture while those looking for a pillow to align the upper body properly and improve one’s posture, Coops Original is the one for them.

Other features

Since pillows are sort of personal and might attract bacteria during the very first night, sleep trials are often not offered. However, with Coops Home goods, you can return the pillow within a month. This turns out to be a pretty great offer since pillows are meant for long-term use. The pillow comes in a vacuum-sealed plastic but inflates immediately after it’s unpacked.

As we mentioned earlier, the pillow comes with an extra bag of hypoallergenic foam, which is certified by CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold. You can easily firm up the pillow, whereas the certifications ensure that the pillow is free of any harmful substances such as PBDEs, chemical retardants, phthalates with low VOC content.

What we like:

  • It can be adjusted
  • Has a smooth airflow for a cool surface
  • Relieves the pressure points on the shoulder

What we don’t:

  • It might form a solid mass over time

Editor’s Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars

3. Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity or Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

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See the Leachco Snoogle Pillow in a glance:
  • horseshoe-shaped head for attaining the right position and height
  • The extra-long midsection for total back or tummy support
  • The slightly curved end conforms to your shape
  • supports hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • Patented design developed by a Registered Nurse and mom
  • sham-style removable cover that is machine washable


Shoulder pains are disturbing and even more of a nuisance if you are pregnant. As your trimester’s progress, interruptions in your sleeping routine become fairly common, and you lose control of your comfort. Moreover, with every passing day, you will encounter changes in your sleeping position. You need a pillow that provides comfort and support to your back, stomach, hip, and leg. The Leachco Original Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow received several positive reviews since it caters extremely well to the sleeping requirements of pregnant women.


The Leachco Company strives to maximize the comfort level of the mom and baby. The pillow is constructed after keeping the various needs of the expecting mother in mind. The C-shape provides exemplary support to your back, belly, head, neck, and shoulders. Starting from the first stage, it comes tightly rolled in a sealed plastic bag. Since it is not vacuum sealed, unfolding, it isn’t a huge hassle.

One end of the C-shape is slightly flatter with a wider curve while the opposite side sports a tighter hook shape and a narrow yet high loft. Its dual ability caters to a variety of needs while providing customized support to your body.

You can use it in whatever shape you like: the C shape provides full back and frontal support with added leg elevation for minimal tension on your ligaments and hip joints. Since it is flexible, you can use it for reclining positions for elevation either side of your body to relieve stiffness, swelling, and indigestion.


Coming to the crucial part, it has a naturally hypoallergenic polyfill. The poly beads compress to contour the curves of your body for a comfortable sleep. Since it is quite dense, it creates a high loft but gradually distributes for support in the right places. The cover, on the other hand, is made of a poly/cotton blend cover and allows a smooth airflow. The smooth and soft fabric provides a cool surface, and since it’s washable, maintenance won’t be a huge issue.

What we like:

  • Provides support in all the right places
  • It is flexible
  • Great for pregnancy, swelling and indigestion issues

What we don’t:

  • Might be too lofty for some people
  • It’s too long for short people

Editor’s Rating

4.2 out of 5 stars

4. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

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See the Snuggle-Pedic Pillow in a glance:
  • Shredded proprietary mix Memory Foam
  • Kool-Flow Soft, Luxurious and Breathable Micro-Vented Cover
  • Made In The U.S.A
  • 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% Polyester and 0.6% Lycra for smooth airflow
  • Certipur-US Certified Foam: free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant.
  • 120-NIGHT trial period and 20-YEAR WARRANTY
  • conforms to your neck and head for proper orthopedic support
  • COMES IN THREE SIZES: Standard size – 26 x 19 in. Cut Size


If you are planning on switching from a down pillow to a foam pillow, Snuggle-Pedics Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a great yet messy option. You would not have to sacrifice your nightly comfort, but rather, you can get the additional benefits of memory foam too. Snuggle Pedics is a subsidiary of Relief-Mart, Inc, an e-commerce health products firm. The pillow is manufactured by medical professionals who pay great attention to the minute details. Each component serves a special purpose for providing maximum comfort and support.


Similar to other pillows in the market, it is available in three sizes: Standard, Queen, and King. You should select your size after considering your sleeping position, along with the amount of space on your bed. It comes rolled and tightly packed; hence, the first thing instruction for the consumer is to fluff the pillow by putting it inside a dryer.

Moving on to the composition, it consists of two exceptional covers: an outside cover made of polyester, lycra, and viscose blend. They work together to form a luxuriously soft and textured fabric, serving comfort and great breathability. Furthermore, it utilizes a KoolFlow component, an innovative substance which dissipates the body heat and maintains a cool surface temperature. It’s an incredible solution to combat heat absorption, the greatest issue with memory foam. This cover is followed by another protective layer, comprising of tiny shreds of memory foam of different colors, patterns, and sizes. The covers are washable. Therefore, you can occasionally wash them, but drying it consumes extra time.


The memory foam fill is certified by CertiPUR-US®- and GREENGUARD; in common words, the foam is free of any toxic chemicals with a low VOC content. Moreover, you can undergo the slightly messy yet fulfilling task of adding or removing the fill, according to your desirable loft.

The most promising feature of the foam is its power to retain the shape, regardless of the weight placed over it. In most cases, foams flatten down gradually, leaving a flat, uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Along with these features, the bounce factor is worth mentioning; it sinks shortly under the weight of your head but rises up instantly.

Other features

The important thing we noticed after buying the pillow was its 20-year long warranty- a pretty impressive duration. This reflects the trust of the manufacturers in their products. Moreover, it also has a 120 night trial period during which the consumers can experiment with the support and comfort of the pillow.

What we like:

  • Maintenance is pretty easy
  • The loft can be adjusted according to your preferences
  • The softcover enhances the comfort level

What we don’t:

  • It is expensive
  • You may need to fluff it often

Editor’s Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars

5. Therapeutica Pillow Firm Orthopedic Support

Therapeutica Pillow Firm Orthopedic Support

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See the Therapeutica Pillow in a glance:
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Made of a non-toxic and hypoallergenic foam
  • Comes with a fitted zippered pillow made of cotton and polyester
  • Raised side panel accommodates shoulder height
  • Center cavity provides head support
  • Cervical contour maintains the necks natural curve
  • Wedge extension supports the thoracic spine
  • Provides a firm support
  • comes in five sizes


As mentioned later in the article, one of the major reasons for shoulder pain is your pillow. Waking up with a sore feeling in the entire shoulder area can ruin your day. Hence, a good pillow makes a huge difference. The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, after it’s launch, was highly sought after due to its ergonomic design and ability to cater to a large variety of ailments, including body aches and TMJ.


Therapeuticas Orthopedic Pillow comprises of a non-toxic foam to prevent sweating. This foam, unlike the commonly available materials, has good breathability and promotes airflow to dissipate body heat evenly, ensuring a cool surface. Its hypoallergenic quality is a gift for consumers prone to seasonal allergies. Along with this, you can wrap it in the cover of your choice. However, it’s necessary to be cautious of the fabric to avoid your allergies from acting up. For your ease, the pillow comes with a cotton and polyester blend cover. Similar to the inner material, this blend does not conserve heat but is a perfect example of comfort and durability. This is the perfect option for hot sleepers.


This pillow is specially designed to improve the upper body alignment. For people waiting for a morning with no sore muscles, shoulder aches, and backaches, this pillow is the one for you. Moreover, the focus on this aspect aids your posture.

The center cavity keeps your head straight at night by preventing you from changing your position, minimizing pressure on your jaw muscles.


If you want the traditional aesthetics of the pillow, this might not be the one for you. An Ergonomic Designer, with a designated team of chiropractors and doctors, designed this Orthopedic Pillow, ensuring a proper spine alignment. It prevents you from tossing and turning for a peaceful sleep, along with the added benefits of back sleeping.

It comprises of a raised side panel, a center cavity, a wedge extension with a cervical contour. The raised side panel adapts to your shoulder height; it provides it the required support to prevent pressure points while its height allows the shoulders to touch the mattress, keeping your head at a neutral position. The wedge extension, on the other hand, supports your thoracic spine while the cervical contour retains the natural curve of your neck. As a result, your neck is automatically forced into the right position, providing an incline for neck support.

What we like:

  • Has lots of support points
  • Suitable for every sleeping position
  • Specially meant for shoulder support

What we don’t:

  • The pillow can not be washed

Editor’s Rating

4 out of 5 stars

6. Purple Plush Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow

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See the Purple Plush Pillow in a glance:
  • white, quality Lyocell-blend cover
  • Has cooling, moisture-wicking, and breathable properties
  • ” smart fluff” supportive pillow filling with a new interlocking poly-fiber ball technology for all-night support and incomparable comfort.


If discomfort keeps you awake at night, it is due to your mattress or pillow. It is better to go for a pillow replacement to figure out where the problem lies. This is a complex process, simply because it takes many factors into consideration before suiting your sleeping preferences. The Purple Plush pillow, on the other hand, fits like a glove on every sleeper’s requirement. Manufactured by the Purple Company, they made their name after launching a unique hyper-elastic polymer mattress material that redefined bedding comfort.


It takes a traditional approach to design, giving a creative and adjustable twist to meet the needs of the sleeper. Talking about its smooth delivery process, customers receive their parcels within no time. They are not vacuum-sealed, preventing any wear and tear of the pillow in the box. Immediately after opening it, we were greeted by a smooth and softcover that was super responsive. It is machine washable. Therefore you don’t need to worry about kids invading your bedding space. The Lyocell Blend cover is breathable and naturally hypoallergenic hence, you don’t need to worry about bacteria and dust mites.

There isn’t much variety in size: let’s not exaggerate, it only has a single size, measuring 18 x 26 inches, similar to a standard-sized pillow. With a 7.5 inch tall loft, one can easily determine the level of fluffiness and support.


Moving on to the essential part, it has a 100% polyester filling. With a patented Interlocking 3 denier poly fiber series, the mini polyester balls fit well together and move in correspondence with each other to provide an excellent air passage hence, great breathability. One of our favorite features was it’s ability to bounce back. You don’t need to fluff it after each use since it retains an excellent shape.

It’s soft enough for a comfortable sleeping experience but supportive enough to keep your head, neck, and shoulders aligned.

With a 100-night sleep trial and a one year warranty, the Purple company makes sure that customers receive maximum satisfaction.

What we like:

  • You can adjust the loft through its zipper
  • Very soft and supportive
  • Has a great airflow system

What we don’t:

  • Doesn’t offer many choices
  • Has a very high loft for certain sleeping positions

Editor’s Rating

3.8 out of 5 stars

7. Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex King Firm Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex King Firm Pillow

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See the Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Cypress in a glance:
  • naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to microbe growth
  • Washable removable cover made of bamboo and charcoal
  • Made in the USA
  • a large cell structure for breathability.
  • extremely resilient and durable Latex foam
  • loft: approximately 7 inches.


Latex pillows are expensive, and for some, not worth it if compared to memory foam pillows. However, the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow is incomparable to most of the pillows in the market. For people suffering from shoulder pain, it is a miracle due to its exemplary support and luxurious comfort level.


The cover encloses a solid piece of Talalay Latex, Brooklyn signature material. With a consistent density and super bouncy-quick response to pressure, it sinks under the weight of your head without reducing its support. As far as latex is concerned, it comprises a 60% synthetic and 40% natural blend. However, the synthetic part comprises of filler materials such as sand and ground seashells.

The ventilated, blended latex offers a great amount of support and pressure relief to every sleeper. There are two sizes and loft options (4 inches tall and 5 inches tall), allowing you to choose the perfect fit. The high loft is perfect for side sleepers or obese back sleepers since it fills the extra gap between the mattress and pillow, whereas the lower loft caters to petite back sleepers and stomach sleepers.


Covers play an integral role in your overall sleeping experience. Therefore, the Brooklyn manufacturers gave their best to it. It has a soft-textured knit due to a 50% organic cotton and 50% polyester blend. This hybrid is a symbol of breathability and ensures a cool sleeping surface while offering you a glorious softness. With polyesters natural moisture-wicking properties, hot sleepers don’t need to worry about nightly sweats. It is easy to take off and wash hence, you can sleep on a fresh cover every day. Isn’t that why we love to sleep in hotel rooms? According to the manufacturers, you should lay the cover flat to dry. However, machine drying won’t do much harm. For a little aesthetic value, it has a diamond-shaped pattern quilted throughout the cover.

Other features

No one wants to sleep in a pillow, which makes their head feel like it is being microwaved. However, most foam pillows are known for heat retention, except for Brooklyn. The hypoallergenic quality of the Talalay latex is proven by its Oeko Tex Certification, which guarantees that there are no toxic or harmful chemicals in this pillow. With a 3-year warranty and 120 nights trial period, there’s nothing more to look for in a pillow.

What we like:

  • You can choose between two lofts
  • It is super responsive, and reliefs pressure points
  • Extremely breathable

What we don’t:

  • It is expensive
  • Not completely organic
  • Not much difference between the two lofts

Editor’s Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Buyer’s Guide: What Are The Features Necessary In Your Pillow For Shoulder Pain

The most important thing after your mattress is your pillow. I you’ve been to the bedding market, watching customers go home with random accessories isn’t uncommon. More often than not, they are not sure of what to choose or how to choose the perfect product. That’s where our buying guide comes in handy. It contains the necessary factors one must consider while buying a pillow specifically suited for their needs.

Step 1: What is your budget?

You simply can not proceed to the next step without being aware of your budget. Let’s be honest; the market is not short of luxurious products: according to the law of scarcity, there will always be something you will like but can not afford.

Pillows do not cost a lot and hence, are not included in our yearly budgets.

But now the real question is whether the price is a good determinant of the quality of the pillow? Bedding accessories at extremely cheap rates are clearly a scam. They spell out discomfort, and shoulder pains will become a monotonous routine. Its because the cost of production, including soft and comfortable materials, is quite high. However, the most popular brands in the market are known for their affordable price range with superior quality.

Step 2: When should you replace your pillow?

Contrary to popular belief, your pillows have a quite short life expectancy, much shorter than you would like to believe. Even though mattresses can last you a good 7-8 years, pillows don’t have as many layers. Hence, they go flat and lose their comfort pretty fast.

But how can you figure out whether your pillow has utilized every ounce of its potential life? The first way to do it is by the feel of your pillow. Old pillows are similar to a lumpy bag of rocks that aggravate your pressure points and intensify the shoulder aches. Moreover, pillows do not cater to every sleeping position. Over the years, your position is susceptible to changes due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, etc. You might also undergo lifestyle changes such as shifting to a new house or refurbishing your room. There is absolutely no reason to continue using your old pillow when you can just as easily buy a new one.

Step 3: Choose your material

If it weren’t for the budget, this would’ve been our first point. The market is full of a variety of materials, with each serving a different set of benefits and drawbacks.

– Polyester

Polyester gained popularity a long time back and is still considered to be heavily in demand. This fabric consists of polyester fibers that create a medium to the high loft after being stitched together. It provides great support to your pressure points, gently easing them whilst reducing the tendency of headaches as well as shoulder aches. Moreover, its hypoallergenic quality proves to be great for people suffering from respiratory tract issues. Maintenance is quite affordable and generally isn’t required since it naturally minimizes odor. You get all of these features at a pretty attractive price; however, the only drawback worth changing your mind is its low durability. The polyester fibers tend to lose their shape within a few years, while poor quality polyester absorbs heat and increases motion transfer.


The 21st century experienced an overwhelming rise in the organic industry. With this increase in demand, the manufacturers came up with organic mattresses to provide customers with a natural sleeping environment. It doesn’t include any synthetic materials resulting in exemplary comfort and softness. However, pure organic mattresses are expensive, whilst their cheaper counterparts are bound to have some sort of synthetic materials in it. Organic cotton, raw silk, pure wool, natural latex are the perfect examples of organic materials, but they are relatively hard to get a hold on.

Down Pillows

Customers looking for a luxurious and plush sleeping experience can opt for a down pillow. Often found in five-star hotels, it provides a remarkable softness while it’s adjustable firmness makes it a great fit for all sleeping positions. Since they comprise of feathers of ducks and geese, buying and maintaining them is expensive.

Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat hulls and seeds, while being natural, have a rough texture. They offer an outstanding airflow so the hot sleepers can sleep comfortably while the support is enough to relieve the pressure points on your shoulders. They conform well to the shape of your body, allowing your upper body to relax in a comfortable position.

Memory foam pillows

As expected, this is the most popular material in the bedding industry due to the array of benefits. For people seeking a cloud-like feeling during their sleep, memory foam is a perfect option. It has a high density and viscosity, allowing it to mould to the shape of your upper body so you can sleep comfortably. A gel cover effectively minimizes its drawbacks, including body heat accumulation.

Step 4: What is your sleeping position?

This takes your sleeping preference into account and affects the thickness of the pillow. They both work together to offer you a peaceful night’s sleep. Every sleeping position demands a different density for providing the necessary core support and spinal alignment. The loft is categorized into levels ranging from soft, medium, and firm, while some renowned companies offer a more diverse range.

Back sleepers require a firm mattress along with a medium to the medium-soft pillow; it is thick enough for gently cushioning the sleeper’s head for comfort while the loft supports the upper body for a stable core. Side sleepers have a gap between the head and the mattress, which should be covered: a medium to high loft pillow is a great fit for this position. Stomach sleepers prefer a low-density pillow because it is flat and comfortable. Thick pillows will elevate the neck at an abnormal angle leading to shoulder aches. Therefore, the softness allows the head to sink in, supporting a straight position of the upper body, head, and shoulders.

Step 5: What is the preferred size?

After selecting the material, a suitable size is a must since it plays a huge role in your overall sleeping experience. Finding your preferred size isn’t hard since most pillows come in the following sizes: Standard, Super Standard, Queen, King, Euro, and Body Pillow.

The trouble starts when you start searching for an ergonomic design which can cater to your ailments such as shoulder ache. Most manufacturers provide wedge pillows, a great solution for snoring, sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia.

How do you choose the perfect size? Standard size is a great option for those with a twin or Queen sized bed. The low price point and the compact, aesthetic look has made it quite popular. If you don’t find two standard size pillows, a super standard pillow might suffice.

For people who toss and turn around a lot, queen-sized pillows are a great bid due to a large amount of space on both sides, but for people who like to go extra, a king-sized pillow is better. If none of these sizes suit you, you can opt for a customized shape such as a Euro sized pillow. Its ergonomic design features a square shape to be used as a headrest while a body pillow is slightly bigger; side sleepers and pregnant women are a big fan of the body pillow due to the additional sleeping support.

The firmness of your pillow depends on your sleeping position. However, there are some factors to consider. Your body weight plays a huge role: if you have an average weight, a medium loft pillow is recommended as it doesn’t compress as much as under obese people. Obese people, on the other hand, must opt for a low loft pillow due to minimal space between the pillow and mattress. Lightweight people need to fill the extra gap between the pillow and mattress; hence a high loft pillow works best.

Step 6: Other features

The market is extremely competitive, and it’s not uncommon to see manufacturers struggling to offer features other than support and comfort. Once your primary conditions are satisfied, the final decision depends on the additional features offered by your pillow. Most of them come with a waterproof cover; hot sleepers sweat a lot. Hence, the cover extends life expectancy. Many might include an advanced fabric technology that distributes the accumulated heat away from the surface and body.

The cover of the pillow plays an important role in the overall sleeping experience; hence they should be removable and washable. It makes maintenance easier, and you can sleep on a fresh pillowcase every night. Some of them come with a protective layer that keeps dust mites and bacteria at bay. For people with seasonal allergies, it is a must since bacteria are the root cause of asthma and skin irritation. You can sleep peacefully without the risk of sweat, bed bugs, and other contaminants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Pillows and Shoulder Pain

Q: Can pillows cause shoulder pain?

A: The worst way to start your day is by waking up with shoulder pain. Many times, it doesn’t get better: rather, it radiates down your arm, making them feel weaker. But why is it worsening? Pillows are a major cause of affecting your body alignment. Overstuffed or excessive cushioning results in back and shoulder pain since you place your spine in an abnormal, curved alignment.

Q: Can your sleeping position cause shoulder pain?

A: Yes, a poor sleeping position is another cause of pain in your shoulder area. Basically, any sleeping position, without your spine in a neutral position, puts pressure on your cervical spine and shoulder muscles. Patients suffering from sleep apnea, sleep on their side to prevent their airways from getting blocked. However, it results in pain on the side along with numbness and tingling due to a pinched nerve. Sleeping on your stomach adds stress to the muscles surrounding your spine, whereas side sleeping directly adds pressure on your shoulders.

The other reason is the usage of a poor mattress. It leads to improper positioning of your head, neck, and back since a too firm mattress doesn’t offer enough contouring while a sagging mattress lacks adequate support for your back and shoulders.

Q: What are the signs of arthritis in the shoulder?

A: Around 50 million people in the US alone were diagnosed with some sort of arthritis in 2011. Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of one or more of your joints, whereas arthritis in your shoulder results in pain and stiffness. Despite several advancements in the health care center, no cure for arthritis has been found up till now.

Then most common sign of arthritis in the shoulder is severe pain; it increases during physical activity and gradually worsens. Arthritis in the glenohumeral shoulder joint results in pain centered in the back of your shoulder and intensifies under certain weather conditions. If your acromioclavicular (AC) joint is affected, pain reigns over the top of your shoulders and might travel to your neck. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, is a thorough pain in your entire shoulder area, including both of the joints.

Another common symptom is a limited range of motion. Daily tasks such as lifting your hands into brush your teeth become hard and produce sounds such as grinding, clicking, or snapping. After the disease progresses, the pain significantly worsens, affecting your sleep.

Q: Why do my shoulders ache?

A: There are several reasons for shoulder pain, with rotator cuff tendinitis being the most common. It’s depicted by swollen tendons, whereas impingement syndrome occurs due to your rotator cuff being caught between the acromion and humeral head.

Injuries to your biceps and neck can negatively affect the surrounding shoulder area. However, it won’t worsen whilst moving it. Other causes of shoulder pain are arthritis, torn cartilage or rotator cuff, bone spurs, pinched nerve, broken, frozen or dislocated shoulder, or a spinal cord injury.


Shoulder aches are a nuisance for many people every morning. No one likes to wake up and face throbbing pressure points, but if you are using the wrong pillow, the pain can be inevitable. The only way to minimize those shoulder aches is by changing your pillow. Memory foam pillows are pretty good since they conform to the shape of your body and offer enough support. Polyester pillows are equally, if not more, effective at minimizing the pain.

Our list of the best pillows for shoulder ache comprises of highly-rated products. They work well at reducing your ailment while the buying guide makes the purchasing process easier for you.

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